1. What is the difference between a Quantitative Discrete variable, and a Quantitative Continuous variable? Give TWO examples of each type of variable to help justify your answer.

Accepted Solution

          DISCRETE VARIABLE                   CONTINUOUS VARIABLE       Meaning: Discrete variable refers               Continuous variable alludes to the                                                               to the variable that                      to the a variable which                   assumes a finite number            which assumes infinite number                   of isolated values.                       of different values.___________________________________________________Range  :         Complete                                      Incomplete ofspecifiednumber___________________________________________________Values:       Values are obtained                         Values are obtained by                         by counting.                                         measuring.___________________________________________________Classification:  Non-overlapping                              Overlapping ___________________________________________________Assumes:      Distinct or separate                          Any value between the                                 values.                                                 two values.___________________________________________________Represented by:  Isolated points                              Connected points